Scroll Publishing Co.

Scroll Publishing Co. is a small publisher of Christian books, tapes, and CDs. The majority of their publications pertain to the early church, the church that existed prior to Constantine’s attempt to blend Christianity with worldly power. Their books are meant to challenge their readers to explore and return to the historic Christianity of the primitive church. They also have a large selection of books and CDs pertaining to the Anabaptists. Many of the books and CDs from Scroll Publishing Co. are by David Bercot, an early church historian.

This is the unofficial website of Lamp & Light Publishers. It also has links to other publishers such as Rod and Staff, Christian Light, Pathway Publishers, and Bechtel Books. This site is full of links, articles, and other resources that would be of great interest to those seeking information on Anabaptist teachings, life, and history.

Through the Eye of a Needle

Through the Eye of a Needle The Doctrine of Nonaccumulation. An online location for the book by Roger Hertzler in .pdf format. The purpose of this book is threefold. First, it aims to define the doctrine of nonaccumulation, and thus draw that “line in the sand” that we as Christians or groups of Christians can examine and then decide: Do we accept this doctrine as a true doctrine? Or do we reject it as a false doctrine? Second, for those of you who until now have not accepted this doctrine as true, I want an opportunity to influence you to do so. At a minimum, I want to ask whether you would be willing to consider the possibility that the doctrine of nonaccumulation might be true, and to give yourself to the study of God’s Word to discover the truth about this question. Third, for those of you who have accepted it as a true doctrine, I want to strengthen you in that belief and perhaps provide you with a few suggestions regarding its practical application. (Taken from Introduction)


e-Sword is a downloadable Bible study software that allows the user to cross-reference many Bible translations and related study helps for free. There are also some translations available for purchase. It has an online version for use when you are away from your home computer. e-Sword is a fast and effective way to study the Bible. It is feature rich and user friendly with more capabilities than you would expect in a free software package.